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Campbell Stafford are pleased to announce our new Blog. Click the link below to read all about the latest legal developments in Northern Ireland, the UK and the rest of Europe. We hope this will be a valuable resource to our clients and look forward to receiving your comments on our articles:

Household Insurance Claims & Choosing Your Own Solicitor

If you have an accident or want to take a case and you use your household insurance policy you are not obliged to accept the insurance panel solicitor. You may chose your own solicitor. You have the legal right to chose your own solicitor by virtue of Section 6 (1) of the Insurance Companies (Legal Expenses Insurance) Regulations 1990, which states: “Freedom to choose a lawyer: (1) Where under a legal expenses insurance contract recourse is had to a lawyer to defend, represent or serve the interests of the insured in any proceedings, the insured shall be free to choose that lawyer”. Your insurance company is not allowed to dictate to you which lawyer you retain for your case regardless of any terms and conditions they might be seeking to rely upon.

Money Laundering Regulations 2003

Solicitors are subject to the Money Laundering Regulations 2003. The aim of the Regulation is to attack the proceeds of crime whether from drug trafficking, terrorism, tax evasion and benefit fraud. The legislation places an enormous duty upon solicitors. Solicitors must satisfy themselves as to the source of any monies or property, which may be involved in any particular transaction.

We are under a duty to check and verify your identity and address. Therefore on your first visit to our offices please bring with you proof of identification and proof of address for each person involved in this transaction. The following list will show which documents may be used to show proof of identification and proof of address:

  • Proof of Identity…
    Current full signed passport
    Resident Permit issued to EU nationals by Home Office
    Current UK/EU Photo Driving Licence
    Current Full UK Driving Licence (old style)
    Firearms Certificate
    State Pension or Benefits Book/Notification Letter
    Sub-contractors Certificate
    Inland Revenue Tax Notification
    Reference/Account Number
  • Evidence of Address…
    Most recent Mortgage Statement
    Current local authority Tax Bill
    Local authority rent card or tenancy agreement
    Bank/building society/credit union statement or passbook
    Utility Bill (not mobile phone)
    Current UK/EU Photo Driving Licence
    Current Full UK Driving Licence (old style)
    State Pension or Benefits Book/Notification Letter
    Reference/Account Number

Please note that while documents such as a driving licence may be used to show either proof of ID or proof of address it can not be used for both.